What’s In a Name?

I have been getting lots of questions about Tillery…where did that word come from? Since I am familiar with the word Tillery, I just assumed everyone else was too.

Here comes the full story behind Tillery Time as my business name. First of all my maiden name is Tillery. Having this name growing up came with some good quarks. It became a staple of humor to describe certain things or events in our family.

My dad, Ray Tillery, really is the driving force behind this name. Often times we would take road trip adventures. My father would get ants in his pants and off we were. Frequently these adventures happened with little to no planning. One thing was sure; it was always fun and interesting – yes that is the word I will use. This is how a Tillery Adventure began.

It was common that we would stop at a hole-in-the-wall place and eat some amazing food. But then the adventure would take some curves. We might be heading the wrong way on the highway or some how end up taking “the scenic route.” There were always stories that would make us laugh.

My father died in 2012, but the Tillery Adventures carry on. So to honor our Tillery Times together, with my sisters and mother also, I have included the Tillery legacy in my business name. Always feel free to ask me about some of the Tillery Times.